Hear what people have said about us

The team at Reach Study Abroad and the lead instructors for our programs can tell you a lot about the trip, but we know that the best people to hear from are students who joined our programs in recent years. Our past students often attend preview meetings on campus pass on advice to future students, but if you can also click on any of the links below to see the kind things people have said about us.
The Experience
Reach Team
Travel Memories

The Reach Study Abroad Experience

Each year our students form close friendships with their fellow travelers and have an amazing time exploring Cambridge, the UK, and often other parts of Europe too! What’s clear from talking with our past students is that studying abroad is an unforgettable, life-changing experience.

An amazing experience

It was an amazing experience to travel and make new friends. I learned so much about myself and about other people. I would suggest this trip to absolutely everyone!


Absolutely blown away

Reach Study Abroad has been amazing and I’m absolutely blown away with how much fun this trip has been! If I could stay here forever, I would!



The program was life-changing; a great opportunity to learn, grow as an individual and experience new cultures


Once in a lifetime

This was a once in a lifetime experience, and I would go again in a heartbeat – the best summer of my life!


I loved it

It’s been something I know is going to stay with me for the rest of my life… I loved it, and have no regrets!


Beyond my expectations

Not everything is perfect, but this trip (summer 2014) was as perfect as can possibly be… Beyond my expectations. Everything- the food, the people, the places, the experience, my story.


Reach Staff

Our team at Reach Study Abroad not only work with program instructors to help design interactive and engaging courses, but are also on hand throughout the summer. The majority of our staff are Cambridge University students, alumni, or local residents and are able to give our students an insider's perspective on the city, as well as UK culture in general.

During office hours students can join the staff for a cup of tea and get advice on everything from planning weekend trips abroad to where to find the best cup of coffee in town (they're great at helping out with any occasional bouts of homesickness or culture shock too). Outside office hours, program supervisors are able to spend afternoons and evenings with students, playing sport, showing them the highlights of the city, and hosting movie nights and game nights at the accommodation. And don't forget; a member of the team is always available - 24/7 - in case of emergencies!

Extremely supportive

As a school we have developed a very close relationship with Reach. They are extremely supportive of groups and students. I cannot think of a better program.

Pam Dew

So much fun

This trip wouldn’t have been the same without the Reach Staff. They made this trip so much fun and still knew how to be professional.


Made me feel at home

The Reach team were so friendly, sweet and considerate and really made me feel at home here


The staff were amazing

The staff were amazing. They helped us all out and were very kind to people who needed it. Some of the best times were hanging out with the staff.


Can’t thank Reach enough

Developing a program like this has been a dream of mine since graduate school. I can’t thank Reach enough for making it a reality. The impact on students has been amazing – far beyond what I was anticipating.

Dr Jarren Gonzales

Extremely helpful

The staff were amazing and extremely helpful whenever we needed them. They went above and beyond what they needed to do for us!


Best Memories of Cambridge

At the end of each year, our students are kind enough to fill out detailed feedback so that we can continue to improve our programs and offer extra-curricular events and activities that students have enjoyed in the past. It's great to see such diversity in responses; some people most enjoy getting out on the River Cam and punting to Grantchester, while others love exploring the old buildings of the city or grabbing some food in a local pub for lunch (you can check out our Cambridge Page for our top picks of things to do in the city).

We asked our students what their best memory of the trip was, and these are some of the responses we received about Cambridge...

Incredibly memorable

I don’t think I could pick just one. The whole trip was incredibly memorable; everything from the places and things I saw, to the people I met. I’m still good friends with people I met on the trip.


It was exciting

Many of my best memories consist of just wandering around Cambridge on my own or with a few others. I think that one of my most cherished would have to be the punting journey to Grantchester Meadows… it was exciting and I valued the sore muscles I had afterwards!


Different kind of college

My favourite memory was walking through Corpus Christi and breathing in the beauty of the place. Just the grandeur, the age, the beauty and realizing that I wanted to go here. Cambridge is a different kind of college, very different from everything we have in the U.S.


Enjoyed the volleyball

I very much enjoyed the volleyball games that involved almost everyone on the trip and went on almost daily, and allowed the students the ability to bond with people we perhaps wouldn’t have teamed up with in other settings.


Out of my comfort zone

Just being able to call Cambridge home for five weeks was amazing. I loved being able to travel independently and getting out of my comfort zone.


Side travels with friends

Using public transportation, side travels with friends, going to the pubs with my friends and professor, living in the dorms…


Best Memories of Traveling

Although many students opt to spend their entire trip in and around Cambridge (there's more than enough to see and do here - check out our Cambridge page for ideas!), many students take the opportunity to visit other cities in the UK and Europe on the weekends, or when the program ends. In the past students have visited cities as diverse as: Amsterdam, Dublin, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Madrid, Stockholm, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, and even Ghent (it's apparently in Belgium....).

Cambridge is ideally located for exploring Europe, only 50 minutes away from the center of London (with Eurostar links to Paris, Brussels, and more), and is only 45 minutes away from London Stansted Airport, which offers budget flights to several major European cities.

These trips are often highlights of the program for our students, and are often included in students' best memories of their summer abroad...

Such amazing people

Getting to travel to other places on the weekends. Also, I loved going into it without knowing anyone and meeting such amazing people. We all got so close. The trip sent me home with a new perspective on life. I was definitely changed.


Making new friends

Traveling all over Europe and making new friends. I will never forget this trip.


Swimming in the Mediterranean

Eating Nutella crepes and watching the Eiffel Tower light up with my friends, or swimming in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Italy.


Going to Dublin

Going to Dublin and spending a weekend there, and making all the connections with people that I am still happy to have in my life


So much history

The best memory for me was the excursion to York and the opportunity of being on the exact same ground where Erik Bloodaxe stood, along with other Vikings. It was my first time being next to old ruins and so much history.


Traveling with friends

Spontaneous world traveling with my friends!