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“There’s something about being in a place where learning has existed for centuries, and feeling like you’re part of it… it’s something I don’t think students can get in California.”
Professor Karen Felts, Trip Leader
“Developing a program like this has been a dream of mine since graduate school. I can’t thank Reach enough for helping me to make it a reality. The impact on students is amazing – far beyond what I was anticipating."
Dr Jarren Gonzales, Trip Leader
"Not everything is perfect, but this trip was as perfect as can possibly be... Beyond my expectations. Everything- the food, the people, the places, the experience…"
Mark, Student

Are you an educator who believes that a study abroad program would benefit your students?

If you would you like to enrich your teaching with a study abroad trip, Reach Study Abroad have the experience and expertise to help. With options to enhance your syllabus with field-trips and expert local faculty, Reach Study Abroad has the experience, flexibility, and dedicated support team to help you to design and run the trip of a lifetime for both you and your students.

For more information, or to arrange to speak with an expert program coordinator, please email The Reach Study Abroad team will be in touch to discuss your program requirements.

Over a decade of experience

Reach Study Abroad is a division of Reach Cambridge, a well established study abroad provider founded in 2004. In partnership with educators from around the globe, we offer students the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in quality academic courses in the historic university town of Cambridge, England

Reach Study Abroad Progrms

At Reach Study Abroad we aim to widen the horizons of our students with inspiring experiences, world-class teaching, and immersion in British culture.

Traditionally, we have successfully worked alongside US professors to design 4-6 week courses for an average of 40 students. However, study abroad need not be limited to the summer; from two week enrichment courses to longer-term programs, tailor-made group courses can take place at any point throughout the year, for any period of time.

What’s on offer?

Cambridge is a beautiful and inspiring place for students to live and study. The world famous Cambridge University is over 800 years old and the city boasts some of the country’s finest museums, art galleries and theatres. In previous programs, instructors have used the unique environment of the town to plan exceptional field trips and excursions.

Students are also often able to incorporate their everyday experiences into their classwork; they can take in a play where Hugh Laurie (House, Blackadder) began his acting career, or have lunch at The Eagle Pub where the discovery of the structure of DNA was announced. It’s not uncommon for students to spot famous Cambridge University fellows and alumni, such as Stephen Hawking, whilst spending their free time in Cambridge!

Cambridge is also ideally located for students and instructors alike to plan trips to other UK and European destinations. London is a mere 45 minutes away by train, opening up the possibility of sightseeing at some of the world’s most famous attractions (Buckingham Palace, the British Museum and, of course, the Harry Potter Studio). Edinburgh, Paris, Dublin and Amsterdam have been popular weekend destinations for students for several years.

Traditionally, we have successfully worked in partnership with US professors to design 4-6 week courses for an average of 40 students. These summer programs enable students to combine the acquisition of US study credits with the experience of a summer abroad. US instructors are able to teach their own classes in university teaching facilities whilst extra-curricular activities – tailored to the interests of the group – are organized and supervised by a team of dedicated Reach Study Abroad staff.

In our most recent programs, instructors have worked closely with our expert program coordinators to link the unique educational environment of Cambridge with in-class discussion and assignments, resulting in outstanding levels of student engagement (and enjoyment!). In addition to local visits to explore the sights of the historic university town of Cambridge, students have the opportunity to travel further afield; current trips include London, Paris, York and Edinburgh.

The partnership between US educators and Reach Study Abroad continues to produce high quality trips which enable students to engage with their curriculum in an environment that both promotes academic excellence and provides a rich experience of British education and culture.

Study abroad need not be limited to the summer; from two week enrichment courses to longer-term programs, Reach Study Abroad operates throughout the year. Whether you would like to teach a Cambridge course yourself, or design a trip to be taught by our excellent network of Cambridge academics, we can provide the perfect tailor-made course.

We can offer a wide range of accommodation and teaching locations, from our own dedicated hall of residence in central Cambridge, to the facilities of the University of Cambridge itself. In addition, the academic content of each course can be complemented by inspiring cultural excursions in Cambridge, as well as destinations further afield such as Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon and Edinburgh.

If you have an idea for a specialist course, we’re confident in our ability to assist with the design and delivery of a wide range of programs– at any time of year, for any duration and in any subject.

A range of program enrichment options are available for our courses. Consistently positive student feedback suggests that these features often make the difference between a good study abroad program and an outstanding educational, social, and cultural experience. In the past, instructors have worked with Reach Study Abroad program coordinators to offer their students:

Local Field Trips & Excursions: Trips to local museums, art galleries, historic buildings, and Cambridge Colleges offer students a refreshing and interactive learning experience.
National & International Excursions. Student feedback from trips to London, Edinburgh, Paris, York, Bath, and Stonehenge continues to be extremely positive.
Local Faculty Lectures: Reach Study Abroad works with an exceptional network of local academics, allowing for the possibility of guest lectures, often based on recent research at the University of Cambridge.
Extra-curricular activities: The Reach Study Abroad supervisory team are on hand throughout the duration of the program offering daily activities to students. These can vary from punting trips on the River Cam and sports in local parks to evening trips to outdoor theatre.

The logistics for program enrichment features can be organised by Reach Study Abroad, who will work together with course leaders to develop ideas and plans for the program. Our supervisory team will be on hand throughout the program to accompany students on any trips or excursions that are organised, helping to ensure their safety and well-being.

A range of teaching spaces and accommodation options are available for our programs, from university facilities to our very own Hall of Residence. Our venue is owned, managed, and maintained by Reach Cambridge staff. As such, we are able to discuss individual and group requirements to ensure a high-quality tailor-made experience.

107 Chesterton Road
Our home in the heart of Cambridge is ideally located overlooking the River Cam and is adjacent to local shops and restaurants. Our facilities include:
● On-site accommodation for up to 25 students and teachers. All rooms are newly refurbished and many are en-suite.
● Additional local accommodation is also on offer, allowing us to cater for larger groups
● Classrooms and break-out spaces on-site
● Wi-Fi access throughout the accommodation
● 24-hour access to study spaces
● A variety of catering packages available
● A short walk to the shops, restaurants, and Cambridge Colleges of the historic city center

We understand that running a study abroad trip can be a considerable responsibility for course leaders; this is why we pride ourselves on the level of support provided for our groups. Our expert Program Coordinators will help plan the perfect course for your group and will be on hand every step of the way – from planning the trip to providing airport tranfers and around-the-clock supervision.

With ears of experience, we can design a course using blueprints from one of our many successful past courses, or create the perfect tailor-made course for any specialist interests.

It speaks volumes that all of the instructors who have worked with us to date would not only recommend us to others, but are also planning return trips in the coming years.

Why Reach Study Abroad?


Successfully running residential study programs since 2004
Our senior team holds a wealth of experience in international education, the travel industry and University level study. The combined experience of our staff continues to result in glowing testimonials from experienced education professionals around the world.


Abitlity to cater for any group size at any time of year

Access to a range of teaching locations, accommodation options and a network of local academics allows for high levels of flexibility in program design. Excellent group rates provide value for money for courses of any duration and any subject.

Dedicated Support Team

Assistance is on hand every step of the way
Expert coordinators are available to assist trip leaders from trip design and student recruitment right up to the end of your stay in the UK. Our dedicated team bring experience, creativity and enthusiasm as they accompany students on field-trips and excursions and also organize and deliver daily activities in and around Cambridge.

Program Enrichment

Compliment your syllabus with extra-curricular excursions
From guest lectures and skills workshops to local, national and international trips, our team can offer a range of extra-curricular activities to complement your syllabus.

What’s the first step?

“Developing a program like this has been a dream of mine since graduate school. I can’t thank Reach enough for helping me to make it a reality. The impact on students is amazing – far beyond what I was anticipating”
Dr Jarren Gonzales, Program Leader, 2014 & 2015
“There’s something about being in a place where learning has existed for centuries, and feeling like you’re part of it… it’s something I don’t think students can get in California”
Karen Felts, Program Leader, 2013

Start Designing your Study Abroad trip today!

If you’d like to design a study abroad program in Cambridge, please emails us on One of our program coordinators will be in touch to arrange a phone call or Skype conversation to discuss the next steps.

Program design and student recruitment do take time and effort on the part of any lead instructor, so please give yourself (and us!) plenty of time to organize your trip. We recommend getting in touch as soon as possible; one of our expert coordinators will be able to outline the processes involved in setting up a new program.

If you have any other questions, see our Frequently Asked Questions below, or contact us. We’ll be more than happy to help!

Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Trip Leaders

We understand that taking students out of the classroom and into a foreign country can seem daunting. The good news is that with Reach Study Abroad, from the moment you meet us at the airport, you and your students are in safe hands. With an emergency contact available 24 hours a day and supervisory teams on hand daily to share pastoral responsibility with trip leaders, you can rest easy in the knowledge that the safety and security of students is a priority of the UK team.

Academically, the impact of experiencing a different culture first hand has often helped students to expand and adapt their mental framework and significantly enhance their interest in the subject area. With a plethora of field-trips and guest-speakers available, options for interactive and ‘hands-on’ learning is available to more actively engage students in their studies.

We have also found that for those students seeking to establish a stronger sense of identity and direction, study abroad can have a positive influence. Encouraging social confidence and inspiring a choice of major are examples of impacts that study abroad had on past students – professors are often thanked several years down the line. One professor was even the best man at the wedding of a former student, and officiated at the marriage of another!

Our flexible design process ensures that trip leaders are able to build a program which will allow for as much or as little free time as they choose. We can balance your needs, the needs of your students and your budget to produce a course which allows you enough free time to thoroughly enjoy your trip to the UK.

Our supervisory teams organize and supervise daily extra-curricular activities. Faculty are more than welcome to join these – whether a group goes punting on the Cam, to a local theatre to see a play or to the local sports pitches for a game of volleyball – but are not obliged to do so. This leaves plenty of opportunities to engage with the students outside of classes, but also for ample amounts of free time.

In the past, faculty have brought spouses and children for the duration of the trip, and spent quality time with their families exploring the UK and Europe alongside their teaching responsibilities.

In short, no! But we know where you’re coming from – at first glance the paperwork and recruitment effort can look daunting. That’s why we’re here to help. From liaising with your home institution to assisting with student recruitment strategies, we’ve got the experience and dedicated staff to support you every step of the way. And with access to a myriad of teaching locations and accommodation options in Cambridge, we’re confident in our ability to provide support in the design and delivery of an outstanding study abroad program for you and your students.