Our Covid-19 Response


Since 2005, our residential programs in Cambridge have truly been the highlight of every year. We have been saddened by the disruption over recent summers but we are more excited and motivated than ever as we look to summer 2022.  

The summer programs that did run in 2021 were truly memorable and it was our pleasure and privilege to have such an ambitious and engaging international community of students with us in Cambridge. Feedback has been incredibly positive and we are already excited about welcoming new and returning students to Cambridge in summer 2022.

The health and safety of our students has always been our number one priority. We are delighted to report that due to our clear and considered Covid-19 policy and our measured approach in summer 2021 we did not have a single case of Covid-19 over the seven weeks during which we ran our 2021 programs in Cambridge. Our commitment to our families in 2021 included caring for a number of students who were required to quarantine with us on arrival in the UK, in advance of their programs, which was completed successfully in Cambridge college accommodation, as well as managing the various tests required, depending on where the student had travelled from or was returning to. We are thankful to all of our students and staff as well as our suppliers and partners, for actively engaging with and supporting our Covid-19 policy. We are delighted that conducting safe summer schools in 2021 did not inhibit us from offering all of the key elements that would usually be found in our programs.

We fully appreciate that you may have particular concerns and questions for summer 2022 as the situation worldwide continues to evolve in relation to Covid-19. As in 2021, it may be that some things have to be done slightly differently to previous years, and we are committed to adapting accordingly whilst still ensuring students can experience the many life-changing opportunities offered by a Reach program.

Rest assured, we are here to help and we wish to work with all our students to keep lines of communication open over the coming months. We will also be keeping this page under review as we look towards summer 2022, but please do get in touch if you have any specific questions and we would be delighted to help.

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Our Refund Promise

  • For our 2022 programs, we will offer a full refund (including the usually non-refundable deposit) if UK government legislation obliges us to cancel all of our Cambridge programs.
  • In the event that government restrictions due to Covid-19 prevent your attendance on our summer programs (e.g. your country’s government or the UK government imposes a travel ban, or you are unable to secure a visa due to Covid-19 restrictions), we will offer you a range of flexible options:
    • Switch your program: We would transfer your place free of charge to our summer 2023 Psychology course. 
    • Switch to an online course: Take one of our highly rated, personalised one-to-one academic courses tailored to your needs. Visit reachcambridgetutors.com for more information.
    • Receive a refund: In the extraordinary circumstances outlined above, we will allow you to cancel and receive a refund of your balance, upon informing us by email and presenting documents verifying the reason for your cancellation. Please see the Force Majeure section in clause 31 of our Terms & Conditions for more information.

If UK government legislation does not prevent us from running the program, then we will proceed as planned with summer 2022. Any participants choosing to cancel their place will be allowed to do so in line with our normal cancellation policy as outlined in our Terms & Conditions. As with every summer, we recommend all families take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance prior to the program. Links to our travel insurance affiliates will be available via your online account.

Do you have questions or feedback?

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact form to arrange a phone call or online video call.

Many thanks for all your support & we can’t wait to welcome you to Cambridge!

The Reach Study Abroad Team