2022 Cross-Cultural Psychology

Course 2022 Psychology
Instructor Dr Jarren Gonzales
Dates July 2022 (TBC)
Course Length 4 weeks
Price $6,995 + flights (including the $500 early bird discount - normal price $7.495)

What’s Included

  • Accommodation in the stunning university town of Cambridge
  • Half Board (two meals a day), Monday – Thursday
  • 2-day/1-night trip to London, including accommodation, a local event, and many sightseeing opportunities
  • Local field trips in and around Cambridge
  • Airport transfers (if travelling on the group flight)
  • 24/7 on-site support
  • Flights are not included. Students will be given the option to book onto a group flight at a reduced rate
  • Lunches & weekend meals (students often choose to travel Friday-Sunday)
  • CCCD Tuition Fees (approx $46 per unit) & CCCD mandatory insurance (usually $55-$65)
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Program Overview

Do you want to spend the summer exploring the UK (and maybe some of Europe!) whilst making great friends and earning transfer credits with a great professor?

Join Orange Coast College psychology professor Dr Jarren Gonzales as he takes a group of students to England for 4 weeks in summer 2022!

This psychology program has been specially adapted to be taught in the UK, where students will have the opportunity to live and study in Cambridge, home to one of the world’s most prestigious (and stunningly beautiful!) universities.

In this summer program, students will spend two weeks attending class at OCC* before completing the remaining five weeks of class in the UK. Outside of class time, students have plenty of free time to explore Cambridge, the UK and the rest of Europe! Reach Study Abroad staff will be on hand to provide a packed schedule of optional cultural activities and to assist students with their independent travel plans, ensuring that students have the opportunity to enjoy the summer of a lifetime!

In addition to taking a class or two, students will have plenty of time to explore the local area, the UK, and the rest of Europe. This is an amazing opportunity to meet some great people and have the adventure of a lifetime!

Covid-19 Response

We appreciate you may have questions about next summer in light of Covid-19. Please read our safety plan and find out more about our flexible payment options for 2022 on our Covid-19 Response page

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Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Jarren Gonzales
Dr. Jarren GonzalesOrange Coast College
The course leader for this exciting program is OCC psychology professor, Dr. Jarren Gonzales. This will be Jarren’s 4th trip to the UK with students! Jarren’s ideas for the summer 2022 program have been inspired by his Master’s and dissertation research at the University of Notre Dame, where he focused on students adjusting psychologically to new (international) environments. This program builds upon Jarren’s previous study abroad trips to the UK, and incorporates feedback from students in order to create a program that promises to be the best one yet!

Not only an expert in his field, Jarren has won numerous teaching awards for his dedication to students and innovation in creating courses. He provides interactive and engaging classes that will offer you unique opportunities to reinforce class content with cultural exploration and reflection of your time abroad. With this course leader, there will be no shortage of passion and enthusiasm for both the class content and the cultural experience of studying abroad! If you’d like to know more about Jarren or the courses offered, he’d be more than pleased to hear from you – just email jgonzales@occ.cccd.edu.

Program Details

The program cost will be $7,495 + flights. At first, it sounds like a lot. But look again. Okay, it may still sound like a lot. But it won’t be – the price represents great value for 4 weeks in Cambridge. The cost includes:

  • Accommodation in the stunning university town of Cambridge
  • Half Board (two meals a day), Monday – Thursday
  • 2-day/1-night trip to London, including accommodation, a ticket to a play, and many other sightseeing opportunities
  • Local excursions in and around Cambridge
  • Airport transfers (if travelling on the group flight)
  • 24/7 on-site support from the Reach Study Abroad team
  • Flights are not included. Students will be given the option to book onto a group flight at a reduced rate
  • Lunches & weekend meals (students often choose to travel Friday-Sunday)
  • CCCD Tuition Fees (approx $46 per unit) & CCCD mandatory insurance (usually $55-$65)

Before we get too carried away, remember: there’s the whole “school” thing. Courses offered will include:

PSYCHOLOGY A110 Psychology of Adjustment
We often encounter change in our lives, including changes in our relationships, jobs, living arrangements, and at school. These changes bring about varying levels of stress and require us to adapt and make decisions about how to live with the new circumstances. This course examines the psychological concepts and principles that underlie personal and social adjustment to the changes in our lives, with particular attention paid to healthy adjustment and the minimization of harmful stress. Theories and research pertaining to personality and adjustment will be explored, and you will be invited to reflect on and describe your experiences abroad using your newly acquired knowledge. Studying abroad in Cambridge may very well change your daily routine, worldviews, and how you view yourself and your future, and this course offers you a terrific opportunity to actively reflect on the exciting new world that will open up to you next summer!

PSYCHOLOGY A190 and A190H Cross Cultural Psychology and Honors Cross Cultural Psychology
Our world increasingly provides opportunities for cross cultural interactions, and your summer abroad will be an opportunity to immerse yourself in a place that is, indeed, cross cultural in nature. Our behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs are greatly influenced by our cultural environment, and when we enter new cultural surroundings we have the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective. In this course, you will be invited to explore how a variety of fundamental theories in psychology help us to better understand our experiences at home and abroad, allowing for a concentrated and comprehensive examination of the new experiences you will encounter. By studying these concepts and dynamics of cross cultural interactions, you become better equipped to contribute to a global community in your work and personal life. An Honors option is also available for this course.

Classes will be held Monday-Thursday, and each class will meet twice a week while you’re in the UK. You’re only required to take one class (although sometimes students do take two), so there will be plenty of time to travel and explore with other folks on the program.

Included in the price of the program is a 2 day, 1 night excursion to London. This will include:

● Round-trip transport between Cambridge and London
● Accommodation in central London (1 night)
● An introduction to the London Underground system (Oyster Card provided)
● A ticket to a local event (TBC)
● Art Gallery & Museum visits (options include: the Tate Modern, the National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery, the Victoria and Albert, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, and the British Museum)

London is a great place to explore – not only is there a massive selection of art on display in galleries such as the Tate Modern and the National Gallery, students often also head off the beaten track to take in some of the Street Art of the East End or catch a matinee at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre. Visits to the Victoria and Albert Museum and the British Museum have surprised many a student – check out the gallery images to see some of the highlights!

London is only a 45 minute train-ride from Cambridge, making it a great destination for students hoping to explore some of the UK outside of their class time. On this excursion, students will be introduced to public transport in the city so that they feel comfortable and confident navigating the stunning capital of the UK.

This trip will most likely be different to anything you’ve done before. Cultural experience is central to the program, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to explore the UK and Europe on group excursions (London is included, and you can add Paris and York trips too) as well as taking independent trips. On top of this, classes are smaller than on campus, so the academic experience is much more personal. Close friendships are formed during both class time and free time

Cambridge is a beautiful and inspiring place for students to live and study – check out our Cambridge page, Gallery and Facebook page to see for yourself! There are many optional group activities that have been very popular in the past, including co-ed basketball, weekly movie nights and pizza parties. There’s lots to do and plenty of great people to do it with.

Personal Growth
There’s more to studying abroad though – it’s an incredible opportunity for personal growth. People think they know who you are. You think you know who you are. But a trip like this is an opportunity to define who you are away from all the influences of well-meaning friends and family. It’s a chance to breathe. Meet new people. Try on different versions of you. Past students often comment on how much the trip changed them – some changed their majors as a result of the trip, others applied to grad school, and students often feel more confident in making life choices.

Hidden Benefits
If you’re checking out this website, you’re probably already pretty keen on taking part in a study abroad program. But if you need help explaining your choice to friends and family, check out these ‘Hidden Benefits of Study Abroad‘ for a handy overview of how studying abroad has impacted students in the past.

Anyone with an interest in studying abroad is welcome on the program! Alongside students from Orange Coast College, students from other community colleges often attend (in the past students from Golden West College and Irvine Valley College have joined our programs).

And remember, you don’t need to be a current student to enroll in this program! If you have an interest in psychology, all you’ll have to do is enroll for the one class for the summer session. So, if you’ve recently (or not so recently!) graduated, or you never finished college but have an interest in these classes, you are more than welcome to apply too! Students just need to be over 18 years old by the time they fly to the UK. Each year several students on the program are not in full-time education, but are hoping to improve their writing or finish a screenplay in a stunning and inspirational environment.

So, if you have friends at a different college who want to participate in the program (and friends who aren’t in college at the moment too), pass on the link for the website – they’re eligible to join too. If they decide to apply, be sure to claim your $100 refer-a-friend discount!

A mixture of students from community college, 4-year institutions and private universities alongside those who join simply out of interest in the subject is part of what makes the trip so interesting. You’ll meet some interesting people, and always have someone who wants to join you for a coffee in Cambridge or an adventure weekend to Paris!


What do I have to do to join the program?

When you fill out your application, you will create a username and password for your online profile. This profile is where you can find details about discounts, pay your deposit and balance, and fill out your student details.

Paying your deposit secures your place on the program. You can do this online with a credit card or via wire transfer.

Save $100 when you successfully refer another student. When you sign into your online account, simply click ‘Save $100’ to find your unique discount code. Pass this onto friends/family/classmates/strangers in the coffee line… If they apply and pay their deposit, you’ll each receive a $100 discount! See FAQs for more details.

The deadline for final payments is 1st April 2022. You can pay online with a credit card, or by wire transfer (see your online account for details). Please be aware that international wire transfers can take up to 2 weeks to clear. Be sure to have selected any add-on excursions before you pay your final balance (if applicable).


The first step to joining the program is to fill out an application by click the ‘apply now’ button below. Then simply follow the steps outlined to the left and you’ll have taken the necessary steps to get you to England for Summer 2022!

Places are limited, and are reserved on a first come, first served basis; your place is secure when you pay your deposit to indicate your commitment to the program. The program has filled fast in previous years, so don’t procrastinate too long! In the meantime, start the ball rolling by applying for your passport–just in case.

To get more information about the course, contact course leader Dr Jarren Gonzales via email at jgonzales@occ.cccd.edu who will be able to invite you to preview meetings and let you know his office hours. Alternatively, contact Reach Study Abroad by emailing info@reachstudyabroad.com.

We know you might also want to share details of the program with friends and family, so feel free to request a brochure in addition to sharing a link to this page.


Most memorable experience of my life

I loved the group of people I went with and it was definitely the best, most memorable experience of my life



The best decision I have made in a long time was to find the money for this trip and make it happen! Inspired!


Great sights and great people

Best memories? Traveling with a great group of people. Meeting and making new long lasting friends. Independently exploring. All the great sights and great people!!!