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What is Reach Study Abroad?

Reach Study Abroad is part of Reach Cambridge, a company specialising in residential study programmes in Cambridge, UK. Reach Cambridge was founded in 2004 and we have been running courses from the USA since 2006 with great success.

The mission of Reach Cambridge is to widen the horizons of its students with inspiring experiences, world-class teaching and integration with British culture. Our company is recognised by the BAC (British Accreditation Council) as providing excellent study programmes with high quality teaching and student support. The senior staff bring together many years of experience in international schools, Cambridge University and the European education world. The supervisory department is made up of Cambridge University students (or alumni) who have in depth knowledge of the city of Cambridge, the different colleges, the University and its workings.

Reach Study Abroad Explained

Whether you’re a student hoping to join one of our courses, a family member of an attendee who would like to know more about us, or an instructor hoping to create a study abroad program of their own, select an option below to find out more about those involved in a Reach Study Abroad program.

The Reach Study Abroad programme is for students aged 18 or over who wish to gain transferable credits whilst living and learning in the famous university town of Cambridge, England. Our student demographic ranges from high school graduates kick-starting their higher education to mature students who have returned to education later in life.

Reach Study Abroad partners with experienced college professors from the United States, ensuring that all of our courses carry transferable credits when students return from their study abroad program.

All of our current courses are taught by experienced Professors from the Coast Community College District in Orange County, CA. For more information on the particular courses available, see our ‘courses’ page. LINK

Each of our professors works with a dedicated Reach Study Abroad program coordinator to ensure that the unique educational environment of Cambridge, England is fused with the course content of the classes on offer to our students. Our program coordinators also plan a range of unique extra-curricular activities that students will have the opportunity to enjoy while they are in the UK.

You can read our testimonials to hear what our students have to say about our team or, if you would like to design a study abroad program, check our Run A Course‘ page to find out more about our program coordinators.

During the summer, a supervisory team lives on-site in the student accommodation, available 24/7 in case of any emergencies. Should any student need medical assistance during their stay, all Reach Study Abroad staff are First Aid trained and have an excellent knowledge of the local medical facilities – all of our students are in safe hands!

In addition to ensuring the safety and security of the group, our staff hold regular office hours; students can stop by and see a friendly face for a cup of tea and a biscuit (sorry… ‘cookie’), get advice on any independent weekend travel plans, borrow sports equipment, or print assignments (or boarding cards!). All of our supervisory staff are either local residents or Cambridge students/alumni, so they’re an invaluable source of ‘insider knowledge’ for our students. Each week during the summer, they arrange a variety of activities and events that students can choose to take part in, from group soccer/volleyball games in one of the public parks, to museum and theatre trips, to punting (no… not the American football way) on the River Cam. Check out our Gallery to see some of the amazing experiences of our previous students!


100% of students

report that they found our staff helpful, friendly, and approachable

100% of professors

that have partnered with Reach Study Abroad would recommend us to others and are planning return trips in the coming years

Why Cambridge?

“There’s something about being in a place where learning has existed for centuries, and feeling like you’re part of it… it’s something I don’t think students can get in California”
Karen Felts, Trip Leader, 2013
“My favorite memory was walking through Corpus Christi and breathing in the beauty of the place. Just the grandeur, the age, the beauty and realizing that I wanted to go here. Cambridge is a different kind of college, very different from everything we have in the U.S”
Sohavani, Student, 2014

Cambridge is a beautiful and inspiring place for students to live and study. The world famous Cambridge University is over 800 years old and the city boasts some of the country’s finest museums, art galleries and theatres. In previous programs, instructors have used the unique environment of the town to plan exceptional field trips and excursions.

Students are also often able to incorporate their everyday experiences into their classwork; they can take in a play where Hugh Laurie (House, Blackadder) began his acting career, or have lunch at The Eagle Pub where the discovery of the structure of DNA was announced. It’s not uncommon for students to spot famous Cambridge University fellows and alumni, such as Stephen Hawking, whilst spending their free time in Cambridge!

To find out more about why students enjoy spending their summer in this stunning city, visit our Cambridge page.